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Workshop de-briefing

“Working with Disclosure: How to label electricity”

held on 19th May 2003 at the DTI, London

The 4CE Project team would like to thank all participates for helping to make our workshop on “Working with disclosure” a big success. We certainly learned a great deal and hope everyone can agree that despite some of the complexities we are making good progress towards electricity disclosure implementation in Europe.

There were many good discussions during the day which we have tried to capture in a workshop debriefing paper. Given the richness of the debates we are making these results public. The de-briefing begins with an overall summary of points that we as the 4CE team learned from the workshop, followed by the rapporteurs’ notes from the three afternoon discussion sessions. Also included at the end of the pack is the list of the participants who attended the workshop. Please download the paper here.

Several presentations were made during the day which are also available as PDF files:

Phase 2 Press release

New survey results:
Consumers want environmental impact information with their electricity bills

A recent survey conducted by the Altener funded 4CE project has found that “ 80% of domestic consumers want to see environmental impact information with their electricity bills”.

The labelling provision of the proposed European Directive on liberalised electricity markets, drafted before the results of the survey, does not currently oblige electricity suppliers to make the environmental information available with the bill, but only on a web site.

“This amendment is critically important“ according to Dr. Boardman of Oxford University’s Environmental Change Unit. “The telephone survey found that only 39% of domestic customers and 48% of Small and Medium Enterprises say they would visit such a web site, so this crucial information would not even reach half the population!”

Links to pdf files

Press release

Details of recommended changes to the Directive

Phase 1 Policy Report and Workshop

Phase 1 of the 4CE project is now completed. A policy document 4CE Phase 1 Policy Report (1,060KB) has been produced and a full Phase 1 report will be ready in a few weeks. This will include an Appendix of all countries in the EU and will also be available on this site.

The first project workshop was successfully held in Berlin on 11th September 2002, attracting participants from a range of countries and backgrounds including government representatives, regulators, electricity suppliers, consumer groups, environmental organisations and researchers. The focus of the workshop was an exchange of experiences from Europe and beyond. Presentations were given by an equally diverse mix and resulted in a very productive discussion. The workshop material is available for you here, including:

A summary of the 4C Electricity project is available as a downloadable brochure (1,690KB).


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